The Duck


Welcome to the Adventures of Declan James

“D” Boys

To be a Wayne boy is to bare the letter D as either the starting letter of your first or middle name… it’s a tradition. One that I love I might add. Before Declan was even a thought, we had all the D names lined up…ranked and all. Declan was number one from the start.


Man of Prayer

There are so many reason’s we chose “Declan.” It’s Irish and we both have Irish roots. We thought it was original but not so original that it was like an inanimate object or a made up word that someone thought would be a good name for a human person. I mean… let’s be honest, I didn’t give birth to a Pokémon so why someone would think Onyx is a good name for a living being is beyond me! Anyway, my husband has always been a huge name meaning fan and couldn’t name our son without learning what Declan meant. Once we found out that Declan is Irish for “Man of Prayer” It quickly became the number one son’s name-to-be.


Whose Name is James

We chose James as a middle name for a few reasons. He was named after Sean’s Father whose middle name is James. He was also named after his God Father, Uncle Steve whose middle name is also James. And lastly, he is the great grandson of my mother’s father whose…you guessed it…name is James. Jiminy Cricket, that’s a lot of James’s 😉
And there you have it, Declan James later to be known as The Duck.


The Duck

Sean and I are big nickname people. We love to call each other, and now our kiddo, by random but sometimes relatable, nicknames. When I was coming to the end of my pregnancy, we were starting to call the baby Declan (we didn’t know the gender but Sean swears he always knew we were having a boy). Every once and a while, we would refer to the bump as “Dec” or “Dec Dec”. Dec soon turned into Duck and Duck into Ducky. I even had my sister paint me a baby Duck to go above his crib in the nursery. Well, on May 4th, 2016 at 9:58am, Ducky was born. He was 6lbs 9oz of absolute perfection. He’s become Sean and my whole world and when it came time to think of a name for my little business, I couldn’t help but name it The HumbleDuck.


Daily Dose of Declan

Ducky has already had a very lively, adventurous, and exciting life in his short 8 months of life. He’s been to 7 states, 6 weddings [and counting], hiking, glamping, 9 hour road trips, and the list is still growing. Here you can follow all the Adventures of The Duck and soak in your Daily Dose of Declan.