The Duck calls me Mama. My best friend calls me his best friend. Everyone else calls me Annie.

Sean and I met freshman year of college… actually we met the week before freshman year started at an ice cream social. Maybe it was the Popeye the Sailor graphic tee or that backwards flat brim but I was pretty much smitten. That’s the very short version. One day I will post the whole story. For now, first comes love, then comes marriage, then come Declan in a baby carriage.

After marriage, it was time to flee to CLE. After being a teacher for 2 years, my hobby turned addiction led to wanting to tell you all about it. I love painting furniture which I refer to as “flips”



I married my best friend in 2015 and created the newest member of our flock in 2016, Declan aka “the duck.” He’s got the dreamiest, biggest blue eyes just like his dada… and Lord help me, if he doesn’t have those deep, deep dimples to match Sean. Still pending….


I love all things DIY and being a mother and wife. My goal is to share with you my small victories that lead to a happy heart. A happy heart = a happy home and all that encompasses.

I love to blog about 5 things:

  1. DIYs
  2. Furniture Flips
  3. Tips to acquiring that peaceful and happy home [The Humble]
  4. All things ‘Ducky’ related [The Duck]
  5. Mama Duck’s food for thought. [Mama Duck]



Always leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box. I love hearing about your projects! Positivity is contagious!

Never compare yourself to others or listen to that insecure inner voice. I struggle with this daily and we can help keep each other accountable. I hope you enjoy our little adventures and daily victories.