My $300 Challenge

Welcome and hold on tight for this post friends because it’s a big one!

In the past few weeks of our mini country living, family lives over here and good ol’ CLE, we’ve been doing some life shifting, goal mapping, and soul searching. Sean and I sat down and decided that me staying at home was the best decision we ever made. We truly love it. We save money every month not hemorrhaging dollars at local day cares and the Duck and I learn more and more about each other everyday. It truly is a marvelous dance.

However… I mentioned above that we’ve been doing some soul searching. And lying within those deep and wondrous souls of ours, we discovered there is so much that makes us happy in life… that costs MONEY.

For example, we loved the outdoors. We love playing outdoors, eating outdoors, relaxing outdoors, etc… With that loves comes the need for a patio set. As anyone who has purchased a patio set knows, Patio People thinks it’s a funny joke to charge outdoor-loving people like our family a billion dollars for a weather proof table and chair set that fits more than two people. This is just one example of something that our family has decided to purchase and love every second of it. Honestly, we’ve probably had every meal sitting outside on this fairly expensive set. We’ve truly loved the purchase, in all seriousness.

Another love within our hearts in this little family of ours is to travel. We absolutely adore seeing friends and family; the farther the better! But, with traveling comes food, lodging, gas, and all those other expenses you forget about when visiting other states and towns.

Why go on and on about these random desires of our hearts you ask? Well, we feel that way too many people think about these costly loves in life such as expensive meals now and then, trips to visit friends, going on vacation, or just paying a little more for that bottle of wine as unattainable and just plan silly to spend money on. Well, here in the Wayne household, we view these things as life’s little necessities. Yes, I said it: NECESSITIES. These examples bring our family pure joy. There’s nothing like putting in a road trip cd and cruising in the car for 6 hours to visit a collage friend. Or thinking, “wow  that’s one expensive bottle of wine. Happy Sunday!” and splurging. Now don’t get me wrong; these necessities should not be taken advantage of. 

I am saying make an excuse here and there to just do what you love and splurge on something that brings you joy. Here’s the kicker though. Sean and I try to never, ever spend what we don’t have. And here comes the point of all of this.

We don’t want to be those people who say, we can’t afford it. So the next question was…

How can we afford it?

We decided to do this, my friends, in 2 ways:

  1. Finding a part time job for Mama! After lots of advice from friends and family, I decided to continue to live life in a way that makes me happy. I taught once. Like I was a teacher. Then I decided, this doesn’t bring me joy. Then I started to work out. I mean reeaaallly work out, and I found Crossfit. Crossfit instilled a passion for fitness that was buried deep inside me. I didn’t even know it was there. So, I am currently working on an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification! I am so excited to start this new journey. Who knows how good I will be but I know I am going to put my heart and soul into it. Coming soon to a local gym neat you 😉

2. The second way we are going to afford these necessities that we love so much, is                                   through my $300 Challenge. This challenge also brings me so much joy (noticing a       pattern here about the choices I make in life? :D)

My $300 Challenge 

Sean looked me in the eye and asked me how much I love painting furniture. I told him how much joy it brought me 😉 So, the challenge was created. My goal each month is to make a minimum of $300 profit to be put back into the families pocket. This is such an attainable goal for me and I was so excited for this challenge. First, it means more painting which means more blogging, which means more ways I can contribute to the family, which means more of what we love. This first month is about to be over and I am humbled to say that I might even make over my quota!

I sold my lovely blue hoosier cabinet (below) and a few pieces we didn’t need around the house. I’m hoping by the end of the day I will sell the table in the photo below and that will get me to the finish line for August.



I will be keeping you posted on my flips and my challenge to make sure you all hold me accountable too 😉

Here are some sneak peaks of a dresser that will probably go into next months quota. This gem was $20 dollars with the mirror! Swoon! It’s perfect. Remember, don’t say no to life’s little gems that make you happy. Just find a way to make them happen. BUT, the way you make them happen should ALSO bring you joy!





The little jail bird that so badly wanted out of the porch to help mama paint!



Happy August!

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