The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

If you’ve been following along the humble journey, you read here that I had my first mini farmer’s market sale last Saturday. My landlord has this amazing garden and she has a shed/house that she turned into a farmer’s market stand. She sells fresh produce a few weekends out of each summer. I decided to join her last weekend and see if any of my pieces would be picked up.


Well, like any good story (except this one is a true story) there usually is good, bad, and ugly… well in this case – pretty!


The Pretty

I thought I’d start with the pretty because boy did everything end up looking great! I loved how the outdoors made the colors pop and all three of the pieces seemed to gleam in the sunshine πŸ™‚


Even this table turned out a hundred times better than I even dreamed. So funny story about this pretty green table. Well, it’s our dining room table and I thought about selling it for a while because we only have two chairs to match and I can’t seem to score two to three more. It wasn’t painted until 12 hours before the farmers market! Yeah, no joke. I walked into the kitchen around 6pm the night before and thought, “I could paint that.” So I went to the basement and literally “jungle juiced” almost all the leftover paint I could find. This custom color is approximately 6 different colors of who knows what! But man, did it turn out pretty. I love it so much. I’m kinda glad it didn’t sell.


And that leads to the bad…

The Bad

After about 3 hours, Sean and I realized nothing was going to sell. Honestly, no one really stopped by to even look. We got plenty of slow-downs but I can’t believe how slow it turned out. Even our landlord didn’t do too well selling her produce. I didn’t have too many expectations going into it so I can’t say I was heart broken but, honestly, I would have just loved one person to get out of their car and talk to me.


The Good

And now for the best part! After the flop, I put everything up online to see if anything would sell and wouldn’t you know, the white distressed antique buffet got two bites! And even better – one buyer is coming today to pick it up. I guess sometimes the Lord just tests our faith.


Who am I kidding, he does that ALLLL the time πŸ˜‰


And there you have it… the silver lining. And now to sell the blue cupboard. I have all kinds of fun ideas for the profit I make on these pieces! I just can’t wait until they sell and I can start to experiment with reupholstery πŸ™‚ More on that to come.


See ya’ll next time!


Remember: happiness is homegrown ❀ ❀ ❀



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