Darling Blue Cabinet

When we moved into our new house, one of the first things I noticed was that the kitchen was pantry-less. This happened to be the second rental that we’ve moved into without a pantry! One things for sure, when we have our forever home, I will have the largest, most efficient pantry ever!

I needed somewhere to stash our family’s dry goods so I searched and searched for a cabinet/ hutch of some type. I landed this beauty from Craig’s List and I talked the seller down from $200 to $100. Giddy to get my hands on the piece, I got started the very next day!


This is the only picture I could find of the original look of it. I noticed right away that it was an antique Hoosier Cabinet. The flour sifter caught my eye right way and I had to have it!

Well after blood, sweat, tears, and hours and hours, here is what I whipped up. It has been painted with Eulalie’s Sky Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Miss Mustard Seed has a cabinet that she painted this color blue and kept the inner squares white as well. you can see that here. This piece was inspired by hers 🙂


I swooned the first time I noticed that aforementioned flour sifter! It was built into these cabinets so that one didn’t have to remove it to sift flour. I probably wouldn’t use it but who knows, maybe the next owner is daring.


It was missing a canister wheel when I bought it. My dad came up for a weekend and bought me some replacement ones and taught me house to fix the wheels.


The bread drawer is supposed to be the middle section where I’m keeping the glass jars. The white handle and fanned wood paneling comes down over the drawer when you pull down.


I added brand new knobs and kept some original ones. These pull handles are new and the clear one is an original.


Gosh I love the chippy look. It makes the piece look old but with a new polished coat of paint.


My favorite new feature is the navy blue check contact paper that lines the drawers. It made suchhhh a big difference. Also, who doesn’t love mint and navy together!


So this little fellow found the napkins I was hiding in the bottom shelf. I thought to myself, “Perfect, I can get him in the shoot.” Then…



I found napkin bits everywhere. And I mean, everywhere.


Mom, what if I look at you with these big blues that pierce your soul?


At first I did succumb. Then the next place to stick the napkin bits was his mouth so poor babe was not happy when we had to switch activities. Well, I got a good shoot in so thanks Dec 🙂

Until next time ❤

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