Project Central

Listen… that’s the sound of me panting.

My sincerest apologies for the one blog post last week! My goal is to delight you with approximately 2-3 post weekly. Alas, last week, I published a measly one post and came up a little short of that goal. No worries, I plan to make it up to you.

If you’ve been following me around my crazy life’s twists and turns, you may have recently read that I have moved into a larger and more rural homestead. For this, we are beyond grateful! Our new home is on 12 acres of land with two ponds, endless vegetable plots, numerous fruit trees, and soon to be chicken and baby goats! We can’t wait to begin our life here and see where the wind blows us throughout these parts.

As for me, I have been busy. BUSY is a total understatement. We just celebrated our first official weekend in the new house and have turned in the keys to our old rental. If you read the last post on things to take advantage of when moving then you saw the state of the house. Well, it’s better but sadly, yes, it still looks remotely like this:


Anyone who has ever uprooted their homes and moved lives to another location, knows that unpacking takes a while! Me… well, I should be unpacking. Buuuuut, right know my house is Project Central.


This is my kitchen table. Well, it WAS my kitchen table. Right now it is a home for hand made signs, paint, stencils, and creativity.

I have a slew of sneak peaks for you and many, many tutorials to come. I decided to keep you in the loop with all the many projects I am taking on to decorate the new home. Feel free to copy, ask questions, get inspired, and do some decorating of your own.

Sneak peak #1


My new kitchen table

This table is a major antique! I have no idea when it was made but because of the joints, legs, leafs, and over structure, it has to be early 1900s. They don’t make tables like this anymore. My amazing parents visited this weekend and while I watched The Duck, they went to pick up this beauty. It was $20 on Craigs List! You heard me right. My parents words were, “Annie, you struct gold with this one!” I will have a before and after blog post on this beauty after I do some flipping and sprucing her up.

Sneak peak #2


Old Dresser Turned New

I am flipping this dresser for a friend and I can’t wait to finish her up this week. The sea foam green is definitely cute but it is a very old dresser that needs some loving’. The knobs  I bought for it are precious and I can’t wait to post the before and after very soon.

Sneak Peak #3


Bless This [HUGE] Mess

I thought this was appropriate for my house these days. Want to make one for your home? Tutorial coming soon. Besides, that’s why it’s called a “sneak peak.”

Sneak Peak #4 & 5


ANTIQUES and kitchen bible quote signs

See those white boards? Yeah, I know, not really. BUT, those white boards have been painted and distressed. I’m getting ready to put the word “Antiques” on one and a kitchen bible quote on the other. The quote I’m choosing is “They broke bread in their homes and ate together with sincere hearts – Acts 2:46.” I’m getting ready to start them after this post is published!

Those are my sneak peaks folks. Here are some projects I just finished a few hours ago.


Baths are like, my favorite way to relax ever. So, had to put this one up.


Styling open shelves is TOUGH but I’m loving how this one is coming along. My kitchen is full of exposed brick and, Lordy, how I love exposed brick!


I have had the most amazing little buddy through this whole project filled craziness. He’ll even let mama work a little when he’s awake… not much but just a little.


Oh Dj, slay me! I’m loving those little red overalls today.

Happy projecting and please tag me, share with me, message me, and let me know what projects you’re up too!

2 thoughts on “Project Central

  1. You’re literally so cool and inspiring! Keep it up! I can’t wait to hear more about you’re homestead living…y’all are like Chip and Joanna Gaines 😏😏

    Liked by 1 person

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