Moving Ain’t All Bad

What an amazing weekend in Cleveland last Saturday and Sunday! That’s also coming from an area that is world renowned for being very snowing because of the lake. I was even told this weekend by a friend that in some parts of the U.S., people refer to it here as “The Mistake on the Lake.” Um, I’m offended! Sean and I really have fallen in love with it here and yes, it has it’s downs like the cold but the ups really are great!

It was almost 70 degrees here and what a weekend to move. We couldn’t have done it without the help of some of our college friends in the area. One friend even drove two hours to help and he’s still in school! What a champ.


During big moves, most people dread the big day that looms over your head like Doomsday. I refused to not only not dread this time but find some big things I can take advantage of as we moved. During this blog you also get some sneak peaks of the new place.

Here are some things to take advantage of when you move.


  1. Give to Charity – This is a pretty obvious one that most people already do. I got rid of soon much stuff and gave to people who really needed it. There are so many things that can be extremely helpful to others that can lighten your load when you move. Some things in your home that can really helps others in need can be: coats, gloves, scarves, other clothing items, baby items, socks, shoes, canned goods, dry foods, soaps and bathroom products, etc…


2. Change Your Look – I’m so excited about this one because I’ve been doing so much research for how I want to dress my new home. Our old place was right outside downtown Cleveland. Now we are on 12 acres and soaking up the country. I’m embracing my inner modern farmhouse and changing my look from a city/neutral look to a colorful farmhouse feel. Do some research, pin on Pinterest, cut up/order magazines, and create wish lists on amazon. Give your new home some new decor you’ve always wanted.


3. Have a Party –Β Another one of my personal favorites. For extraverts, we like to go to or throw a party whenever we can. On Saturday, we ordered so much pizza, wings, and my new found love called Jo Jos… I don’t know if they are a Cleveland thing or if they are all over but basically these delights are deep fried french fries… yeah. Some beer, pop, and good food can bring people together, make moving a fun event, and create memories even during strenuous and laborious activity.


4. Make Money – I am going to be writing a detailed post later on how to make almost $1,000 on selling your furniture before you move. I posted on craigslist and other online forums and made, yes, almost $1,000! With that money you can invest it into your new home decor items and furnishings! I have so many ideas for our new kitchen table because I DID sell ours and made $400. My goals for the new dining room set is under $200 and lots of diy! What up savings πŸ™‚


5. Β Organize – Take this time to organize those places that you want organized but just won’t do on a lazy Saturday. Go into your garage with lots of boxes and categorize! You have to put all that stuff in boxes anyway so don’t just chuck them into random crates. Label the boxes with titles like gardening supplies, project supplies, paints and stains, yard work, etc… then just place the boxes or tubs in your garage and organize how you like. Place the boxes or tubs on shelves and there you have it: an organized garage that you will have forever… and just because you moved too! See, not all bad. Do the same with your holiday decoration, clothes, and junk in the basement.


I hope these 5 tips inspire you to be productive on your next move or just pick one this weekend and have at it. Β You don’t need to be moving to clean you closet and give to charity. Pour some wine, play some music and make it fun. Life’s too short to dread laborious tasks like moving. Teach your kids to make life’s chores and little nuisances a blast!

Oh and I hope these messy photos inspire you to CLEAN! I have so much unpacking to do. Oh well, gotta make itΒ fun πŸ˜‰

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