How Flipping Furniture Is Making Me A Better Mom

Posting about my family and especially me as a mom should most definitely fall into “The Humble” category. But for content-sake, this post lies within “The Duck” tab because it contains mostly information about The Duck and how furniture flipping has helped me become a better mother for him.


I recently quit my full time teaching position after the birth of my son to stay home and watch him grow up. Aside from watching him grow, I do occasionally aid in his growth process every once and a while. I dabble in child feeding, changing, and the over all weening of the boy in order to keep him alive on a daily basis.


For those moms who have taken the plunge into stay-at-home-momdom, you too understand the culture shock of going from an intense and rigorous work schedule with a boss and coworkers to a different kind of intense and rigorous work schedule with a separate but equal boss and a coworker who does’t speak english…yet. This change, took some time getting used to (approximately 9 months). Within that time, I was forced to find ways to not only feel important and beneficial to the family but also have “me” time and find tranquility within the mundane.


Raising a kid and keeping him happy and healthy is beneficial to the family.Β All the time, I know this in my brain. Half the time, I know this in my heart. I think all SAHMs (stay at home moms) feel that because we aren’t making money or because we are home all day, we somehow contribute less to the family and sometimes feel inadequate. This isn’t true in the least but you can’t deny that you feel this way at times. I know myself pretty well and I know that I am active, I have high energy, and I love to be productive. Doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen AGAINΒ don’t always give me all the feels.


Flipping furniture has! And in the meantime, it made me a better mom. Here’s how.

  1. Therapeutic – I can’t tell you how many times I put Declan down early because I couldn’t wait to paint something! When he was teething or fussing or I was down right exhausted, it gave me an avenue to blow off steam. Lots of flips require sanding or physical strength at some point and I could really let go of some frustration that way. Painting also calmed me and helped me relax on the toughest of days.
  2. Peaceful Home – While being a SAHM, your work place IS your home. How many of you have personalized desk spaces or fill your work spaces with things that you love like pictures, sentimental knick knacks, or pretty things that make you happy? Well the home should be that way for moms who work at home. I want to love my bedroom so when I lie down to rest, it’s a place that makes me happy. I want to read the signs I’ve hand made in my kitchen as I wash the dishes and know that I worked hard on those and love that rustic element they bring to the space. I get to create my home in the exact way I want it to look. And when I get board, I can paint again and change it up to be exactly how I want it.
  3. Sense of Importance – I know I contribute to the family in SOOO many ways (you can’t even count them) but when I sell a piece of furniture, it’s like $200 bucks that I made! I made that money and it’s $200 bucks that i earned through a relaxing and and exciting process. The feeling that I don’t HAVE to make that money in order to survive brings a sense of freedom as well (I understand that that is a blessing and not everyone has that opportunity). I always tell people that if something doesn’t sell, then we have one more piece of beautiful furniture to keep! So the pressure isn’t there. We don’t even have a pressure-filled place toward where we have to put that money. How boring would it be if I had to pay off the credit card with that money?? Boo…. So, the money I make goes right back into doing what I love… painting more furniture. And maybe one day a vacation. πŸ˜‰


These 3 reasons make me more peaceful and happy with my life and workspace. And it gives me ways to relax and blow off steam. Through the little I make, it helps me to get excited about my heard work again. And when people love what I’ve created, it gives me such a sense of importance. All these things help me to be a better wife and mother. I can’t wait to play with my son when he’s awake and enjoy some art when he sleeps. Then when he wakes up, I feel rejuvenated and ready to do it again.

This can be said for all hobbies that make you feel peaceful and help you rest up in between playtime. Working out, reading, writing, blogging, drawing, and creating in other ways can give you the same 3 outcomes that furniture flipping has given me. Just find your thing, and allow it to help you be a better mom. Everything you choose to do should ultimately give you the same result: becoming a better you.


If not, through it away.

And when all else fails, take a bath πŸ™‚


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