The Wedding Gift Photo Shoot

I have to say that for this outdated armoire, I had very high EGGSpectations! (you will understand in a second!)

I’m dying… gosh I waited a long time to say that. Alright alright, enough with the cheese with our eggs πŸ˜‰

Here’s a little background for the photo and what inspired the decor choices, props, etc… If you read The Wedding Gift, which was part one of this segment, you read about how this armoire was given to my parents as a wedding gift and that it is very old. There has been so much time and love pumped into this beauty and Β it was ready for some restoring and a facelift.


Yes, a major facelift. It was missing some knobs and just looked like my grandmother picked it out… oh wait… she did! No offense, Grams. Even though I do love the knots in the wood, I felt like this one was screaming a paint job. You can check out the steps and how to get the look in the prequel here. Without further ado…


There she is! I painted the armoire with Old White Chalk paint from Annie Sloan and sealed it with clear and dark wax. I chose dark wax because I didn’t want it to look brand new and lose the look of time.


If you look closely, you can see bumps and minor scrapes that I created with a putty knife here and there to make it look older. I distressed the edges and added a few more scuff marks to finish the aged appearance.


These knobs down below are from Amazon. I bought a larger pack because I love them so much and can definitely see myself using them again on more flips. If you love them as much as I do, get them here!


And the eggs we talked about… there they are. I wanted the look of the piece to appear rustic, country, and shabby chic (I’ve really grown to unappreciate that term… it’s over used and pretty broad but I guess it worked here haha). The ladder had the same effect.


I stuck with neutral colors to continue the rustic theme: the old chair (remember, that was from the side of the road! Look at it!), the eggs, the wire basket, the ladder, and even the walls and carpet! the blanket’s blue color helped to break it up a ‘smidge’ but also stay neutral.


Remember those knots in the wood I love so much? Well, I got to keep them on the inside! Win-win! Also, the top knobs were extra from my collection of knobs and they were purchased from World Market.


So, while I was shooting this lovely scene, Declan, aka The Duck, thought that it would be a good idea for Mama to shoot his good side as he climbed the treacherous cliffs of the wooded chair in hopes to attain the forbidden fruit… uh eggs. In my head: “oh, what a cute photo opp!” In his head: “How can I get these to the floor?”


And down, down, down, they went just seconds after the last photo was taken. I have to be honest, I was mad at first. I even owe an apology to Sean after scolding him for not watching our son while Mama was working. After looking back on these photos though, I realize that nothing is EGGSactly the way we plan it. We have to laugh at these moments and not yell at our husbands. I should have looked back at the photos sooner.


Oh well. No use crying over spilled eggs. AmIright? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, the armoire truly turned into something I love and now it’s time to find her a good home with a rustic loving family.

Have a happy day, y’all. Choose Joy.

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