The Wedding Gift

Happy soon to be Valentine’s Day, friends! I am wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day especially to my husband, my parents, my siblings and their other halves, and my friends and there spouses. I know this day gets lots of flack from people who don’t particularly like it, but I love the day! I think it’s the perfect day to celebrate your marriage or relationship in a way that is different than any other day. It’s not a day to love your other half moreΒ or better (even though sure go ahead and do that) but to just be different, spice it up, and show that person you love them in other ways than just saying “I love you” with your words! Sean makes fun of me because I loooovvvveee excuses to celebrate and this one is a BIG excuse πŸ™‚

Because I am definitely in the spirit of romance and celebratin’ love, I’d like to talk about this very special piece that was given to my parents as a wedding gift.


Wuff… for better or worse, right?

Yeah, so this is how this dated armoire started. My grandma, my dad’s mother, gave my parents this armoire and a bedroom set that matched as a gift for their wedding. My parents have literally used this set for 20 years (maybe more). They loved it at first and then… out grew it. They tried to sell it as it was but had no luck. Then they thought, “Hey, we have a furniture flipping daughter!” And thus, I, the furniture flipping daughter, got my hands on this piece.


Here’s how the transformation came to be. First things first… I popped out those very ugly egg-like decals… like what were those?? The spots where they were nailed were rough so I made sure I sanded those down pretty well.


After I taped all the spaces down that I wanted to be protected from the paint, I wiped it down clean and began the painting process.


This piece took about 3 coats for me to really like it. I knew I wanted to distress it and dark wax it so that it looked very old and a little beat up… beat up in the sense that it looks antique. Because years and years of love have been put into it, I wanted it to really look that way! I didn’t want the piece to lose that quality. The look ofΒ Time is the best quality about a vintage piece of furniture.


After the paint, next was distressing. As a reminder, I use fine sand paper (the higher the number the finer the paper) to distress furniture. It gives the piece a more natural look. This photo is zoomed in because I wanted you to see that you should always focus on sanding ridges and areas of a piece that jut out. Careful with the flat parts of a piece. You want some sanding but not too much.


It came time to paint the drawers but before I started, I noticed that the new knobs I bought were smaller than the old knobs. This has happened to me in the past with similar pieces. So, I had to fill in the holes with Wood Filler and drill new holes for the new knobs.


This is the type that I use. You can get it from any hardware store or I’m sure you can find it on amazon as well. It works great and dries pretty quick. I filled in the holes and when the Wood Filler dried, I sanded down the excess and made sure it was flat to the drawer so when I painted over it, you could’t tell there was ever a hole there.


After I painted the drawers and distressed them, I added the clear wax first and the dark wax second.


If you are waxing a piece to finish it, don’t forget to wipe the wax back with a cloth or t-shirt until the surface is smooth and not sticky.

The last stage was the knobbing stage and “Voila!” This once out-dated armoire turned shabby chic. The good news is that now you know how to create this look. The bad news: I will have the reveal for you this week!

For now, here’s a taste and stay tuned for the photo shoot coming to a screen near you. For now, Happy Valentines day and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! ❀


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