A Tribute to the Past: Part 2

Yesterday, I talked about some of the very first flips I embarked on in Part 1 of A Tribute to the Past and today I am finishing up with 3 more very important pieces. The pieces I am sharing today truly projected my path in a clear direction and have allowed me to find myself within HumbleDuck more and more.

I wanted to start with this simple wine rack. There’s a funny story behind this one. The wine rack was a simple wood piece that Sean and I had lying in the basement because we hand built a larger wine rack later. This one was too small and we didn’t really have a need for it anymore.


I wanted to just give it away and be done with the silly thing but Sean urged me to paint it and sell it. I laughed hard. I had zero desire to actually paint the thing let alone sell it! Besides, it won’t sell (I thought). Well, I launch HumbleDuck and lo and behold… the wine rack didn’t only sell… but it was the FIRST piece of furniture to sell. Fool of a Took!


See this wine bottle above? Sean took me to a restaurant in Pittsburg when we were juniors in college about 6 months into dating. After this bottle of wine, he kissed me for the first time on a bridge outside the restaurant (first and last man I kissed <3)! Sorry for the segue but Valentines day is coming…


This buffet is the next piece and was my claim to fame. We were given this lovely beauty by a family friend and they told us to sell it because they wanted to support my business. This family is the most loving, generous, and amazing family in the whole world!



It was an antique buffet that had been passed down within their family for years! I felt honored to flip this beast. This project was no small feat though. I stripped the chipping veneer off the top for hours and hours. My arm hurt for days. When it was finally complete, I sanded and painted and tried my absolute best to bring this sucker back to life. A woman in Chicago reached out to me on Etsy and paid big bucks to have me ship it too her. We packaged it up as best as we could and sent it to Chicago. I have to say that was a huge breaking point for me within the business. I couldn’t believe that someone in Chicago would pay as much as she did for my piece! Little me! This experience fueled me into the next few months of HumbleDuck.




My apologies for the poor quality of these photos but the last piece that helped launch HumbleDuck was this china cabinet. The same family that donated the buffet also donated this piece. I hand mixed Louis Blue and Graphite Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and came up with this gorgeous color. After painting the inside white, I white washed the outside with watered down white paint and gave this darling new knobs from World Market.



I literally love it and so did a college friend who reached out to me on social media. On the Eve of Christmas Eve, we delivered the cabinet and it looks spectacular in her home. I’m so glad she loves it as much as I do. That truly is what makes the business all worth it: seeing someone fall just as much in love with the piece as I have.




















I truly believe after all these flips sold from Part 1 and 2, I felt in my heart that the HumbleDuck was a living, breathing business. Doors have been swinging open since day one and I’ve done nothing but sprint through them.

I’m humbled by friends and family who have donated time and furniture and the others who have helped me grow a business from nothing. Honestly, we are still a baby… but like The Duck, I think we are starting to learn how to walk 🙂


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