A Tribute to the Past: Part 1

Dear readers,

I call this segment, “A tribute to the Past” to honor the ones who came before 😉 furniture I mean!

My very dear friend, Hannah, flew to my rescue a few months back in hopes to capture some of the transformative glories in my very fist flips for HumbleDuck. I had no camera, no blog, no platform, and honestly, not a lot of knowledge about the business that I know now.

Soooooo, let’s start from the very beginning…

Can anyone else here Julie Andrews singing from The Sound of Music?

I wrote about MY STORY a few weeks back but today I wanted to introduce the pieces that debuted on my Etsy account way back when I thought shipping furniture was cost efficient (yuck yuck yuck). Now, I found out that selling on etsy was just too much work with shipping big pieces of furniture so I do NOT sell on Etsy anymore. I sell locally via online forums. But in the beginning, I had a select few pieces that helped me get my feet on the floor and start her up.


Here is the first dining room table set I flipped. It took blood, sweat, and tears to finish her up, I finally sold her about 3 weeks ago and I was thrilled. It was a solid oak piece of furniture that we got on Craig’s List for FREE. It was $100 originally and Sean drove a half hour to retrieve it. When he arrived, he chatted with the man who was a grandfather and told Sean stores of his grandkids and family members gathered all around the table. At the end of the meeting, the man liked Sean so much that he would not take our money. He said to take it and enjoy it as much as his family had. I did have a feeling of guilt when it sold but our family is truly enjoying the benefits of our labor and this kind man’s spirit.


Sean helped me strip the entire top and restain it Walnut and Grey Stain. I white washed it with Chalk Paint to help give it a withered look. The legs were painted and distressed Pure White with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the bench was stripped, stained and painted to match.


The chairs were painted to match the legs and I hand stenciled the bottom of the chairs with a mix of Linen and Pure White Chalk Paint. 


The lady who bought the set loves it and couldn’t be happier with it. She said she was looking for a unique dining room table to fit her unique taste! I was so thrilled!


The minty dresser was a craigslist find for $40. Best part: it was Barney Purple. I mean, it was BAD. I believe they used spray paint as well. Ugggg. Sean stripped the drawers and restained them to look brand new. I really wanted a mint dresser to match the baby room furniture but we decided to sell it instead.


This dresser was my first experience with dry brushing. Dry brushing is a special technique used to give the piece a rustic/layered look. I loved the finish on this piece.


I imagined it in a beach or lake house and thought it would be perfect. The woman who bought it wanted it for her new baby room so, it is home where it belonged anyway.


This darling grey coffee table was a craigslist find. It wasn’t cheap but I still ended up making money on it. I made a few mistakes with this puppy. If I were to do this guy all over again, I think I would have gone with white… or a pop color. Grey is a hard color to match at times. It can be a shade to0 dark or too blue or too light, etc…


 I ended up holding onto this baby for 3 months too long. On the bright side, the lovely lady who bought it loved it had her eye on it for those three months. She finally pounced and she adores it 🙂 I’m so glad she does too!

It’s even weird for me to look back and see these very first pieces. I would change so much but that is life right? We grow and learn and change and as my husband loves to say, “Move and Modify.” I feel like that our mantra A LOT. And that’s what I’m doing.

A buffet, a china cabinet, and much more to come before the end of the week! Stay tuned for Part 2.


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