The Tale of Two Benches and Two Chairs

It’s only right to share about the little gems we find in life especially the one’s we are blessed with for FREE. People ask me all the time how I stumble across such gorgeous pieces of furniture (after they are spruced up of course). My answer is always the same: “They seem to find us on the side of the road.”


This tale is about a selection of pieces that I came across last month literally a couple houses down the street. They must have been moving because there was a pile of trash and broken/unbroken furniture. Well, to them, these items must have come across as nuisances and just hassles to lug around during the move… but to Sean and I, these pieces were treasures and perfect additions to our new home.


Actually Sean came home that day after work and his first words were, “hey, did you see the furniture on the side of the road?” Meanwhile, I was simultaneous greeting him with, “Hey can you go pick up the furniture on the side of the road?”


I’m training him right 😉 We went together, so I could inspect closely and see what the damage was. We were shocked at what great condition the furniture was still in. I didn’t clean the pieces at all so you can see the EXACT condition they were in. Thus, we acquired two benches and two chairs.


The benches sport beautiful pine knots and were probably part of a set. I’m not a fan of the honey color, hence a new coat of white paint with do the trick beautifully. As for the chairs, they too are solid wood and look very old to me. They have pretty acorn and leaf engravings on the back of the chair and I’m leaning toward a little Tung oil to give them a new luster. I have been thinking about making a dining room table and upcycling it with some old barn wood and adding mismatched wood chairs to either side. But, I happen to also love the chair as a nightstand next to the bed look with some flowers and a book… Oh the possibilities! The best part of course is that they are all free. Some paint and restoring supplies and walla! Good as new! I can’t wait until we move and I can finally decide what to do with them!


For the benches, I’m thinking the one with the back in the hallway as you walk in the door for shoes and maybe toys to put underneath. The bench opens up and can be used as a storage bin! The little bench will be painted also and added to the foot of probably the guest bed.


I thought it only right to photoshoot these outside in the snow because, no joke, it snowed a few days after we picked them up and these darlin’s would have been ruined! It’s like they’re saying, “too bad, so sad” and smiling for the camera 🙂


Stay tuned for their makeovers soon to be posted 🙂

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