DIY Wood Sign

A few months ago, I completed a rustic wood sign that I had been dying to try out. I knew I wanted a bible quote and I knew that I wanted it to look rustic. I also knew that I had NO money. So, I retreated to the basement. Therein lies scrap wood and extra stain that I just had to get my hands on.


The quote I chose to be on the sign was “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15.

This quote is all encompassing of what I want my family to be built upon. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it in our new house!


I wanted to share the step by step of how I made this sign so that if you feel inspired, you can do it too πŸ™‚


  • three pieces of wood (however long and wide you’d like)
  • two pieces of scrap wood for the back
  • wood stain
  • your quote printed out on computer paper in the font and size you prefer
  • chalk
  • a pen or writing tool with a sharp or small point
  • a white colored pencil
  • white paint
  • a tiny detail paint brush

Step One:

First things first – stain your wood the color of your choosing. I chose a honey walnut stain and I’m so glad I did because I think it matches the floors in the new place perfectly! Let them dry for a few hours.

Step Two:

Print your quote out on computer paper and make sure the font size is not too small or two big for the wood you have selected for your sign. I believe I chose somewhere between 50-70 for my font size.

Step Three:

Cut out each word and lay the words out on the boards as you want them to appear when you are finished.


Step Four:

Once you have your words lined up (shown above) begin with the first word. Flip the word over (mine first word was ‘AS’) and cover the whole back of the paper with chalk. Just draw right on the paper. You won’t be able to see the chalk on your paper.


Then place the chalk covered piece of paper right on the board where you want the word to appear. Make sure you can SEE the word printed facing you. The back of the word with the chalk on it should be touching the wood.

Step 5:

Seen in the picture above, I used a calligraphy pen because the tip is so sharp but you can use a regular pen or whatever you have that has a very sharp or fine tip. Take the pen and trace the outline of each letter of the word. Because you can see the word facing you, it is easy to just trace each letter. Focus on putting pressure on the paper. You are transferring the chalk that is on the back of the paper to the wood by your tracing.When you lift up the paper, you will see the outline of the word you traced on the wood.


Disclaimer: this process takes a bit so don’t forget the coffee! Just be careful not to spill, he he.

Step 6:

After each word, once the chalk has imprinted onto the wood, go over the letter with a white colored pencil. This makes the lines easier to see and also helps the chalk not rub off easily.

Step 7:

Fill in the letters with white paint. I haven’t done this step yet but I can’t even wait! When we move, I will make sure to finish the sign and take better photos to show it off!


Step 8:

Take your scrap pieces of wood and add to the back of the sign so that the three boards are permanently attached. I used 6 screws and a drill. Another disclaimer is that I didn’t have my canon camera yet so I apologize for the quality. But you get the picture!


Hang and enjoy! Have fun with your sign making and always let me know how it goes! Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if there are any other diy’s you’d like to see!


Happy Hump Day!

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