The Green Girls Revealed

Alrighty folks! Today is the day! I’m so excited to reveal the final photos for the Green Girls. I also wanted to share a little bit about the staging process today and what inspired me within the theme.


This duo was painted in Olive Chalk Paint by Anne Sloan. My current suppliers for all my Chalk Paint needs are over at Metheny Weir in Shaker Square. I happened to love the Chalk Paint on these girls because the finish on the old wood was very slick. I’m not sure if it was polyurethane but any other paint would have probably had a terrible time adhering to the wood finish. I also tried to rough it up with the hand sander but that didn’t even work! You can read more about the step by step transformation and hiccups I learned from this projectΒ here.


The top of this first girlie was pretty rough… but nothing that some good old Annie Sloan Dark Wax won’t polish up. Dark wax used to be my nemesis! Honestly, I thought it was so difficult to apply well because I didn’t know how I felt about the “dirty”/”antique” look. But “I have found the one whom my soul loves…” or something like that πŸ˜‰ Dark wax is PERFECT for polishing old wood or filling in dings and scratches. It makes the wood top of this first dresser look cleaner.


When I staged these pieces, all I could think about was that phrase about traveling: “Darling, let’s travel!” It’s one of Sean and my favorites because literally that is what we want to do like… forever. Our goal is to make it to all fifty states and go overseas as much as possible. So, these pieces were inspired by freedom, new places, cities, foreign lands, forests, nature, culture, and everything else associated with travel.

IMG_2542 copy.jpg

My little brother, Joe, (shout out!) bought us this adorable picnic basket for Christmas this year. It has wine glasses, a picnic blanket, plates, and you name it. It’s perfect for us and perfect for the travel inspired photo shoot.

IMG_2555 copy.jpg

Gotta have books when you travel because you are on trains, buses, planes, etc… there is also a journal there as well. Journals are key to documenting the sites, tastes, smells, and memories you make abroad. I like to incorporate coffee mugs everywhere because, as Sean so often remind’s me, I’m addicted… and I like it πŸ™‚

IMG_2584 copy.jpg

How often do you see a lamp with double sided bulbs and two chains to turn them on and off!? This lamp was given to us by family and it’s ancient. We love it and to me, it symbolizes time. Who knows where that fellow has traveled.


The map in the back was a given when I chose traveling as my theme here so that piece had to be added. When I pick a theme, I kind of run around my house and see what jumps out at me.


Last step is knobbing and I found these gems on Amazon. I knew I wanted a touch of gold because I love the way olive green and gold look together. The knobs from the original dresser where long so I wanted to incorporate some horizontal direction with the new knobs as well. You can get them here on Amazon.

Also, I have to admit, I’m getting used to this lovely Canon Camera that I was so so so graciously gifted. I must say that most of these shots I really love! Here‘s the camera I use if you’re interested.


That’s all for now! I hope you felt inspired to diy your own paint projects at home and spruce up those old dressers of yours. Remember, these were $20 each! If painting ain’t your thing, then travel my friends. The world is your oyster πŸ™‚ ta-ta!

Oh and take some blue eyes from the Duck when you leave!


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