The Green Girls

New Project Alert!

Recently, I posted about the Red Beauty that I found at a funeral home when it was closing down. Well, when I was there, the lady I spoke with offered me two more dressers that she needed to get rid of. My husband gave me a strict budget of how much I was to pay for furniture on the visit…. buuuuuttttt… the prices she offered were UNDENIABLE!

Warning: The dressers you’re about to see were….. $20 dollars each.


I know. They were perfectly medium sized and for only $20. Even Sean couldnt’t be mad… toooo mad. And he really wasn’t! WIFE WIN!


*Disclaimer: The Jack Daniel’s Box in the background of this photo is for storage!!! It was given to us by someone else… not that we don’t enjoy time with good ol’ Jack but that’s one big box that ain’t currently ours.

I transformed the “Green Girls” this passed week and can’t wait to put them out there for the world. You will see momentarily why I chose the name “Green Girls.” I will share some tips/hiccups I overcame along the way of this Chalk Painting journey. If you happen to come across these hiccups, maybe I can save you some time and frustration!

Hiccup #1

The type of material that these dressers are made of is wood of course… but they are finished in a way that makes for sanding impossible. I even tried using my hand sander and nothing would come up! It wouldn’t even get fairly rough on the edges. So, I decided to trust that when people tell me that chalk paint adheres to almost any surface, they aren’t lying.


I started with the base and just painted right on. Then I took the drawers out and painted one coat on them.


Tip I learned from hiccup #1 of the non-sandable surface: USE CHALK PAINT and JUST DO IT. I was so scared it would chip/ not adhere well and it really has. The wax at the end seals it all in… I may even paint and extra layer on to be triple sure that the paint is on there good!

Hiccup #2

Look back up at the picture above… notice anything? There are no knob holes… where did the knobs screw into the drawer? Well, the knobs that came with the dresser had two screws on either end of the knob to make two holes. The knobs I bought only have ONE entry into the drawer creating one hole. Dilemma: I had to find knobs I liked with two screws or fill in the existing holes and drill one new one in the center of the old holes.


I went with the latter…

Tip I learned for hiccup #2 of two holes vs. one: if you have knobs you love with one screw, just fill in the existing holes and create one new hole. I will share how I did just that.


So, you can see that I used wood putty to fill in the existing holes. I over filled the holes and let the wood putty spill over onto the dresser. I let it dry for about an hour until it hardened. In the picture above, you can see that I sanded down the whole dresser and especially sanded down the holes so that the putty lay smooth against the dresser. You don’t want the putty to be noticeably raised on the dresser when you paint.


After the putty was flat, I painted a second layer over the whole dresser.

Hiccup #3

Time to drill a new hole (once it’s dry of course…). Well, I used a Spade Bit that was 1/4 inch thick to make a hole that was an appropriate size for the screw that connected to the knob. I made sure the hole I was creating was symmetrical and right where I wanted them to be on the dresser.


Here’s the hiccup: the drawer was too thick and the screw for the knob  was too short. It didn’t go through all the way out into the other side!

Tip I learned from hiccup #3 of a drawer too thick and a screw too short: Use a Spade Bit that is slightly bigger (1/2 or 3/4 inch wide) and drill slightly on the inside of the drawer where the knob will go. Make sure that you don’t drill all the way into the other side because you will create a whole too big for the screw. It will slide right out.

The screws could reach the end now and connect each knob so I completed the knowing stage. Last steps are putting the drawers back in, sanding the whole dresser down to distress and show some wood in a few spots, and applying the furniture wax to seal in the paint.

Today I’ll give you a sneak peak but tomorrow we’ll do the big reveal 🙂


Enjoy your Monday folks and get ready to meet the Green Girls mañana!

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