Cheap but Classy Photo Gallery

Remember: the blog forum I post on is called “the humble” for a reason. My rental home is humble. Nothing fancy and surely nothing expensive.

Let me share a Master Bedroom dilemma I had about 6 months ago. I had NOTHING over the headboard of our bed! It looked so drab and so naked and it made me sad 😦 I also had a ton of photos that I wanted printed and hung so, too birds with one stone! (I’ve also never liked that saying… poor birds…) Anyway, I decided to make a photo gallery about our headboard and like most of you out there, had zero money to do that!

I was destined to complete the challenge of cheap photo gallery and un-naked (clothe? haha) our bedroom wall.


You may recognize those hand painted hand-me-down side tables that needed a little facelift. Hand-me-downs are just one way to get free furniture but still make your house look awesome. Read more ways to get free furniture here! I also wanted to throw in this disclaimer that the photo of The Duck on his first day on planet earth is NOT hung.. heh heh… the story goes that we move in less than a month and I don’t want to nail new holes in the wall for three weeks of hanging pleasure. You can understand that right?


A claim to fame: every frame you see totaled to maybe $25. Yeah I know…cheap! The little frames were dollar store finds! In the picture above, the white frame with the glass matte was a TJMaxx find for maybe $7. The long skinny frame and the larger brown frame were from my mother’s house and she was getting rid of them.


The photo of Sean and I on our wedding day is in a frame that was probably the most expensive from TJMaxx and was maybe $10. I would like to shout out to myself and say that the “Love Each Other Deeply” picture was hand done by yours truly (and I am no painter in terms of canvas…furniture is different ;)) That frame I already owned. And the “M” block was a gift from college that I treasure.


There you have it! It is so simple and so easy to find frames for your photo gallery on the cheap! I also had the photos printed at Office Max for about 10-15 dollars as well. I’d chalk that up as a win, for sure. Here’s a final breakdown of it all in the picture below. I almost forget to brag about another Good Will find! The gold frame in the middle was $10! And earlier that day I went to Michaels and found almost the exact same one for $60! Victory! Anywho, Happy Hangin’.


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