Pallet Shelf

Let me start by saying there are few things that I like to build from scratch. I receive photos and suggested from people that say to build a crazy table or bar or console from scratch and let me tell you, those are PROJECTS. They take a very long time (for me) and I end up youtubing a whollllleee lot/ calling my handyman father for every detail of the project.

So, I like to stick to transforming vs. creating.

Transforming means flipping something old, broken, etc… into something new and improved! There is so much WASTE out there and people throw away way too much. Now, I’m also not one to be a hoarder. I loveΒ to throw things away, believe me. By my version of throwing away is more like donating. I donate so much to Good Wills and Second Hand Shops but when I can transform, I do.


Buuuuut, I realized that this post IS about creating πŸ˜€ Also, this post’s credit goes mostly to my loving husband for building this beauty from the ground up. We’ve both always love pallets. Oh the possibilities! I mean, that’s all we see when we look at that rough, textured wood that has carried who-knows-what for who-knows-how-long.


Sean brought me home a few pallets from work and we immediately knew we needed a shelf for more storage. So we got to creating! Sean slaved over this bear for weeks. Nail by nail and board by board, this thing came to life. Once Sean finished the bones, my dad was visiting for the weekend and finished the project with a few fresh coats of this gorgeous stain in dark walnut. I get most of my stains at Home Depot and you can buy it here. (notice the Duck’s debut when he was still in Mama!)


A big part of that farmhouse-y look is open shelves. Remember that awkward nook in the kitchen that I turned into a spice rack? (Read about it here!) Well, that’s where we added this new pallet shelf. Another thing about our current rental that we don’t love is that it doesn’t have a pantry or enough storage space in the kitchen.


This shelf fits perfectly in our awkward nook and holds our microwave, cook books, some assorted canisters and more! I love to switch it up every once and a while to keep it fresh!


Let me know what you think, and honeys, y0u can do this! Be creative and be brave. The result is so sweet.

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