Red Beauty

Hey y’all!

It’s Monday and with the blues, I wanted to give you red. I transformed this red beauty last week and I’m smitten! I feel like this dresser’s debut is hittin’ the blog just in time for Valentines Day ❤

I wanted to take you through the process of flipping a lil’ darlin’ like this one and give you a bit more insight into just how much goes into furniture facelifts!

In the beginning…


I found this gem on Craig’s list for $30. A funeral home was shutting down and they needed a few dressers taken off their hands and I felt the need to swoop. This gem was truly beautiful from the start. It was this sea foam green/grey color when I got it and honestly I almost stuck with the color and just painted over the faded and chipping greenish-grey. But, I was inspired by my dull guest bedroom. There is barely any furniture in that room because I have the hardest time matching colors to my guest bed comforter. There is this gorgeous red color mixed into the design and I imagined this dresser at the foot of the bed. So, I couldn’t resist… I went with Emperor’s Silk by Annie Sloan.


I cleaned off the dresser with a natural soap and water combo. It was caked with dust and grime but I just love that. It means time. This dresser is old and has been loved for so long over the years. It’s time for a new life and a lot more years of lovin’.


Then I sanded it down for a few minutes to give the paint a better surface to hold onto. You don’t need to sand down the whole piece until you get to the wood. That’s the best part about Chalk Paint! It covers that old, ugly color right up 🙂

The Ugly Stage.

I painted the first coat of paint on and let it dry overnight. Normally, I just wait about an hour or so but lately I’ve been doing one coat a day. It helps me not get burnt out and I wake up the next morning excited for coat #2! This stage is called the ugly stage because coat #1 always looks the worst. You can see through the paint and it just looks streaky.


The Hopeful Stage.

I call this next stage the hopeful stage because I start to get hopeful with the piece right about now. The second coat looks lightyears better than the first. I start to envision the end result in my head and it keeps me going. *Don’t forget to lightly sand with 220 grade sand paper (or lower) in between each coat of paint!


The Sanding or Chipping Stage.

It’s time to decide wether you are going to go with a vintage chipping look or an antique distressed look, if you haven’t decided yet. Well in my case, red beauty decided for herself. She started to chip on her own slightly and I absolutely love it! Sometimes you just have to listen to the piece. Take 220 grade sand paper (if distressing) or a putty knife (if chipping) and focus on edges or grooves. DO NOT OVER CHIP OR DISTRESS) Sometimes we can be tempted to go crazy here but don’t worry. Less is more!


The Beautifying Stage.

Depending on what the piece looks like at this point, I may or may not put a third coat on. This piece needed a third coat because I wanted it to be extra sealed. After the third or second coat comes the beautifying stage. This is the stage where you beautify your piece through the finishing product. I have the most experience using Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax. On a plate, I mixed clear and dark wax together before I started. I wanted to use dark wax to tone down the “fire engine red” of the paint. Dark wax helps give the piece more of an antique finish as well.


All you need is a tiny bit of the clear and dark wax mixture on your brush. Using a circular motion, massage in the wax so that it embeds into the brush strokes and crevices of the dried paint. Work on one section at a time and make sure that each bit of the piece is well covered with wax and fully worked in. After using the brush, go over the entire piece with an old t-shirt or buffing pad. I usually do both: buff with a t-shirt first then the buffing pad.


Here’s a photo of the piece when the waxing was complete. Not as “fiery”…


The Knobbing Stage.

Ok ok. “knobbing” is not a real word and yes, I made it up. This is the best stage of them all! I make sure I always love the knobs I choose. The knobs make up so much of the piece. In this case, I’d say I hit the home run! These knobs are from Amazon and are perfect. You can get them here. They even have a tinted red ribbon around the edges that I didn’t notice when I bought them!


I truly love this piece and the transformation is amazing, isn’t it!? It’s bitter sweet to have to sell it but someone is going to fall in love with it as much as I have.


And for the final reveal…



Cheers to this red beauty!

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