Antique Ironing Board Closet Transformation

Our kitchen in our rental has some great qualities… and some not so great qualities. The kitchen has this cute little breakfast nook, which is great. Now what’s not so great…it’s tiny. I mean real tiny. A small round table with 4 chairs barely fits in the space.


Also great, is the antique ironing board closet that is built into the wall! Yeah, this is an old house with some great characteristics like the closet. Not so great: the closet’s practicality. I mean, an ironing board doesn’t even fit in it. Also, why would anyone want to IRON in the kitchen!? πŸ˜€


I wanted to share about my antique ironing board closet’s transformation on the blog to show you that nothing in your home has to be impractical! Don’t let a space go wasted… better yet, don’t HATE any space in your house. For so long, I hated this closet. The door never shut and, aside from it’s vintage charm, it was kinda an eye sore.


One day while kitchening, I realized that I can do something special with that closet: a spice rack! I brainstormed with Sean and we concocted a plan.


Sean cut a few pieces of scrap wood that we had lying in the basement. I originally wanted to paint them white but then after looking at it, I really liked the look of the natural wood.


Sean cut them perfectly so they were very tight. They needed to be slightly hammered into place so that they stuck and fit into place nice and snug. They don’t even need a reinforcement piece of wood underneath to hold them up!

The whole project took about 20 minutes. It was so easy and fun! Now I love this space and it’s so practical. I used to keep my spices in the cupboard all disorganized and gross… now they have a place and mama’s heart is happy πŸ™‚


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