The Art of Thrifting

Thifting has got to be one of our family’s favorite things. It’s definitely an art though… I’ve learned this over many, many years and through trial and error. I have to admit that I have picked up some things at the Thrift Store and thought, “I found the Holy Grail!” later to take another look and realize, “I’ve been gipped by the Siren Song of the price tag.”


Just because something is CHEAP doesn’t mean it’s a gem. There a few key things to pick up at the thrift store when you see them because they are easily makeover-able. [Made up word alert]




Here are some categories of things that I LOVE to nab at the Thrift Store, Good Wills, Salvation Army, etc…

1. Mirrors


This framed mirror was perfect for a makeover. Originally it was this very cheap looking gold color. I painted it in Graphite by Annie Sloan. It took a total of 5 minutes to paint.


It was so easy and I love it! I’m still looking for the perfect place for it… probably in a collage on a wall in the new house but who knows! Right now it’s perfect by the front door so I can check my hair before answering it… #momproblems

2. Picture Frames


These three “blocks” (don’t really know what else to call them) were such a cute and brilliant find. All credit goes to the hubby. He saw them and said, “Annie! Lets turned these into pictures of us!” I wish I had “before” pictures but, sigh, I do not. All I did was cute a poster-sized photo into three sections. I measured to make sure they fit perfectly over the picture that was originally on the block. It was a vintage looking town scene. Then, I mod podged each section to the blocks in order. Ta da! #proud.

3. Lamps


Lamps are a fun find at the Thrift store. I found this cute white one for like a buck. It had no shade but the gem-y part about lamps is that you can buy a cute shade at Target, TJMaxx, Amazon, etc… Those are my favorite places to look. I’ve painted lamps before too. Real easy if you like the shape and hate the color.

4. Books


Sean found one of his favorite books at Good Will the other day: Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. He was ecstatic that it was a $2 and a hard copy! I also found The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks at a Good Will a while back that was a hardcover too. Treasures!!!

5. Of course, FURNITURE


Good Wills and Thrift Store are HUGE suppliers of my furniture fetish! They are so cheap and make the best projects. I always check out the local thrift store for project-begging flips! This table was painted with Chalk Paint and was less than $10.

6. Plates


My second favorite thing to buy at Thrift stores are PLATES. I love the mixed-matched look. Sean was laughing the other day because he says we tend to use our Good Will Floral plates over our Bed Bath and Beyond ones. They are so cute! As long as you look for ones that have similar colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong.


I helped throw a bestie a bridal shower a few months back and another bestie found these perfect plates at her Consignment shop in New York . Another reason to ❤ New York.

7. Baskets/organizers


I find lots of good luck with baskets and organizers at Thrift shops. This basket is a darling picnic basket with a handle. I have every intention of painting it 🙂 Maybe even two toned! We will see.


To wrap up this adventure, here’s a pic of the duck loving the Good Will near our house. This outfit was a Christmas present from my God Parents and quickly become my fav!

Go out and explore your local Thrift Shops. Make it a date!


4 thoughts on “The Art of Thrifting

      1. Anne! Mrs Z here! Mr Z and I just sold old house and bought a new house. I need some help learning to flip!! I love all you’ve done!! You’re the bomb! You are awwwsome!


      2. Mrs. Z thank you so much! That’s so incredibly exciting about your house. My heart loves to flip! if you follow HumbleDuck on Pinterest, I have a whole board called ‘Flipped.’ It’s stocked with tips on flipping houses! Check it out. I hope it helps! Have so much fun!


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