How To find Decorative Peace in Your Rental Home

I wrote this post a few weeks ago in anticipation for starting the blog. But this weekend, it is more than appropriate! The Wayne’s just found out we have to move for a 3RD TIME. Yeah… I can’t believe it either. WE have to rent until we are ready to settle down in our forever home state and for now, the CLE is it… but not for the long run.

So, for the 3RD TIME, I must attempt to find decorative peace in my NEW rental home. I guess I too will be referring back to these 5 steps!
This topic has always been a doozy for me. Since being married, our family has lived in two different rental spaces, an apartment and now our three bedroom house (and second three bedroom house coming in a month!). Upon hearing the price, our newly wed and newly pregnant selves couldn’t turn down the deal here in our current home. I didn’t care what color the walls were or if the house had hard wood flooring throughout. We could live here, have a kid or two and save up for our forever home.


Soon after we signed, I found myself wandering the halls of my home while thinking to myself, “What am I going to do with these beige walls, beige carpets, and this beige home that I’ve found myself in? How do I find peace where I am now and enjoy the present?” Because let’s be honest, the present could last an easy 10 years.
It took months to be in a place where I can finally say I have PEACE about my rental home. Not every aspect of it but I’m actually satisfied with most of the ways we’ve made it our temporary home.

Want to find satisfaction in the rental space or temporary home you occupy currently? Whether out of free will or forced circumstance, you can find satisfaction within your four walls for the time being.

1. One Room at a Time
This is the number one piece of peace achieving advice I can give you because you can easily become overwhelmed and think of your home on waaaay too big of a scale. The next thing you know, you’re coping out and just accepting that you hate your house and doing nothing about it (I’ve been here). Or you can sit down, map out room by room which space you’d like to tackle first and make a plan!


2. Paint Your Furniture
You’re probably thinking, “yay Ann, easy for you to say because that’s what you do,” but honestly I have found that painting my furniture has been a top peace-achieving tip to actually loving my rental space. You have CONTROL of what your furniture looks like, what color it is, if it goes with your house or other pieces, if it matches a carpet or wall color, etc… You’re in a rental, so chances are you have lots or some furniture “gifts” that someone pawned off on you and chances are again that they all don’t blend perfectly… amIright? So, pick a color from your favorite rug or picture, or wall and paint! Which brings me to my next tip…


3. One Major Piece
Choose one major piece in your room that you love: a carpet, a large dresser, a buffet, a dining room table, a wall color, a large picture, a pattern on a couch or pillow, etc… Then, choose two colors that are on the piece. So for example, I received a Williams Sonoma Duvet from my Uncle for our wedding and it is very colorful! Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the colors, I picked two and decided to stick to decorating our room with those two colors.


In the pictures above and below, you can see that I chose the lighter blue and white from the blank space in the pattern in the duvet (it’s always good to choose a pop color and a neutral color so your space doesn’t become too loud. See tip #4). The duvet was my major piece in this example. I used tip #2 and painted our nightstands and dresser.


4. A Pop and a Neutral
A “fun” thing about rentals is that almost everything in the interior is a darn neutral color! Look, I love my neutrals, but when the whole place is covered in tan and white, it makes me want to paint everything rainbow! Please don’t paint your home with rainbow colors, instead choose a Pop and choose a neutral. Our living room is tan, tan, tan. So I chose white and navy. It’s very easy to blend white with everything so I painted our curb-side antique buffet turned tv stand white and bought a carpet that was tan and white. I accented with navy blue pillows, blankets, and other décor items.


I love color so if you’re anything like me, you may want to add another pop color. If you like your neutrals just stop right here.


5. Vary Those Textures You Love
Last tip is to add in some variety of textures you love. I’m a city girl who dreams of the country so I love the earthy textures like natural wood, industrial wire, and wicker baskets! Oh lordy, I love baskets. They are all over my house! They are amazing for storage and just look so darn cute. You can incorporate other colors like gold and silver.


Use textures in objects like frames or centerpieces, marble on dresser or table tops, glass and mirrors, and plants or other types of greenery (another one of my favorites). Remember, textures are the way an object feels and what it’s made of, not necessarily the color.


And there you have it: 5 tips to help you reach a peaceful state of mind as you dwell in your temporary home. Don’t give up and just skate through the years of living in a rental and not your dream house! One day, you’ll have to decorate your forever home anyway… might as well practice those decorative skills now!


Oh look… a duck 🙂





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