My Story

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how I got into the business of flipping furniture or how I even heard of buying and selling furniture for a profit and starting a business. A lot of people don’t know about this kind of “creative business” as Marian Pearson of Miss Mustard Seed calls it. I wanted to share my story of just how this light bulb popped into my head.

First of all, if you’ve never heard of Marian Pearson, and you love this furniture flipping thang, go to her page above . She’s my inspiration and absolutely incredible. Not to mention that she graced me with an hour long phone convo where I shamelessly fan girl-ed the entire time and picked her brain about everything! I’m planning to write a blog about all that we talked about so stay tuned for that…

1. Here is a tiny taste of her… This dresser is classic Marian. It’s the first hand painted dresser I laid eyes on. I thought, “this is too beautiful to be made by a machine. Someone did this. I want to do this.” Bam. Cupid attack numero uno.

Miss Mustard Seed

2. The hubby and I married up in 2015 and moved immediately to Cleveland for our jobs. He works for his father’s company and I was a teacher. We moved into an adorable one bedroom apartment in Shaker Square… and for any natives, this square is famous. It was almost out of a book with the RTA bus that rides right through the middle and the corner coffer shop that everyone goes to for their morning gossip and joe. We couldn’t have loved it more… until I found it: Methane Weir… enter cupid for the second time.

Methane Weir

I saw this gorgeous blue dresser with dark undertones peeking through the darling blue top coat that originally caught my eye. Again, ‘someone did that and I must do it.’

I fell in love with everything in that store. To my pleasant surprise, the girls in the shop sold Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Not only did they sell the paint, but every time I went into the shop, I left an hour later just talking to the girls about the paint itself, flipping furniture and their business.

3. At that point, I had to get my hands dirty. I had to try for myself. Was this furniture painting thing really going to stick!?

So I did what any normal wife about to attempt a new potentially money-sucking hobby would do… tricked the hubby into date night! We had an outdated dresser that needed extreme TLC. ‘Hey hun, let’s do something fun together and paint this old dresser for 5 hours this Saturday! It’ll be fun. Hey, where’d this Chalk Paint come from?”

5 hours later…


Now this isn’t the whole truth, at first we painted it green… army green… like not cute green. It was pretty terrible. One of the best things about Chalk Paint is that you can paint right over the horrible first pick color you slab on. After that, Cupid had his claws in pretty good that third time. That was the straw that broke the camels back… also, what does that even mean? Well, I guess one time was enough to spring board my hobby-turned-addiction.


*disclaimer, don’t judge my patchy distressing on this dresser and the contrast of wood colors… I have every intention of fixing her up! I’ve come so far since then πŸ™‚


From there it was painting everything in my house, to selling on Craig’s List and other online forums like Offer Up and Etsy. Etsy’s shipping got too much and I’m still selling on online forums but the newest update for HumbleDuck is…. drum roll….

Methane Weir! Yes, Cupid’s strike #2. I will be blogging and helping out the girls around the shop for the next few months and I’m beyond excited. I can’t wait to soak in all that the girls have to share with me. I will be promoting workshops and Chalk Paint and the very talents and treasures this special shop holds within.

You will be seeing updates here from their shop and if you’re a Cleveland local, their shop is a must see. They have two locations in Shaker and in Rocky River, Ohio.

That’s all she wrote, folks… at least for now. The future is still to be written. Happy painting, y’all!






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