Ideas for Transforming Your Flip

Writers block is a real thing… well so is ‘painters block.’ I’ve pick up a new piece before and thought to myself, “what am I going to do with this!?” Picking a color is hard enough! Now I have to choose what to DO with that color or even colors. Here’s a list I refer back to if I’m utterly stuck and need ideas for what to do with a new piece.


1. New knobs – I. love. Knobs. I mean… I don’t know one furniture flipper that doesn’t love new knobs. Unanimously, a new pair of knobs can make the WORLD of a different to an out-dated or dingy flip.


2. Two tone – There’s a few of ways to go about painting a two tone look. First choose your two colors. Then decide what parts of your piece will be painting different colors.

  • Drawers and the body – I’ve yet to attempt a flip where I paint the drawers one color and the body another but I can’t wait to try it. I have sooooo many ideas a-flowing!
  • Top and the body – One of my favorite looks is when the top of a flip is one color and the body is another. It’s a more subtle look and is almost fool proof. It shakes it up a bit instead of one color for the entire piece. Below is an example of a buffet I painted where the body is painted Graphite by Annie Sloan and the top is Coco by Annie Sloan.
  • Sides or groves and body – Also known as just painting the legs a different color or the special grooves a piece may have. Get creative!


3. WHEELS – GUYS. Wheels are in. Add wheels to your table or dresser. I’m telling you. I’m obsessed with wheels now. It gives the piece height, a fresh new look, and it almost reminisces vintage pieces when wheels were very often found on table legs and dressers. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.




4. Drawers to baskets – easy and also a hot trend right now is taking out some or all drawers and replacing them for baskets. The contrast can be so cute and more practical than you’d think. I’m a huge FAN. Here’s my grandma’s nightstand that I turned up the heat on…

5. Stencil – stenciling is a more advanced strategy but it can transform an ordinary flip into extraordinary! Look at these chairs!


6. Stain – Stain can be annoying, especially when you have to sand down to the original wood but it can be worth it. Check out this old dresser my husband and I sanded down to the wood. It took forever but it was worth it. I love the dark contrast with the blue. Also, another example of changing out drawers for baskets.

7. Distress or chip – This strategy is one of the most simple. There are tutorials everywhere on how to distress and chip paint, but once you do it once, you pretty much got it. Just a little elbow grease, sandpaper, and a vision.





And when all else fails…….

8. Slap a coat of paint on it! Sounds simple enough but sometimes all a flip needs is one good old color of paint. Just one. Just paint.




This pink night stand or end table has these perfect pink knobs that came with it when a friend dropped it off at my house. It just needed the perfect soft pink touch to make it precious and perfect.

There you have it. It’s like a brain vomit of ideas for painting your out-dated furniture. Always share you projects! I love being inspired by YOU.

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