What To Flip

I learned that flipping any ol’ thing may not turn out the way you planned.
There are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the right type of furniture to flip for your home.

Here’s a list of types of furnishings that are great to start with:

  1. End Tables/nightstands
  2.  Coffee table
  3. Frames and mirrors
  4. Bookshelves
  5.  Bed Frames
  6. Wine Racks
  7. Dressers
  8. Wardrobes
  9. Palettes
  10. Wood Chairs



When looking at a piece of furniture, you need to take note of some very specific attributes of the piece.
1. Knobs: even though knobs can be changed [and when they are changed, they make the world of a difference] they tell a lot about a piece of furniture. Note what material the knob is made of.
Brass knobs suggest time and vintage. Not to mention the quality is sturdy and strong.
Wood knobs can be painted and are beautiful if carved.
Industrial knobs like hard metal pulls shows good quality and allude to the quality of the piece.
*note that even if the knobs are good, the bones of the piece itself may not be so great.

2. Drawers: look for dovetail joints. HowStuffWorks.com has a good article on identifying antique furniture.


Photo: Technologystudents.com


3. Real wood: I mostly only refinish pieces made from real wood. If it’s particle board or if it is covered in veneer, the piece may end up not holding paint, not sanding down well, or just not turning out the way you like. Real wood gives you a better foundation to lay pain on and is easier to sand if you need to.

4. Simple pieces: Careful not to flip pieces with way too much going on! If the design on the front is too intricate or modern looking, the piece itself may not be such great quality. It might be plastic or just plain made poorly.
Good luck searching for your new flips and I always love to see what finds you come across!

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