Land of the Free

So you moved into your first house. Your roommates are poor. You are poor. And the quality of your space is [currently] poor. How are you supposed to furnish this place let alone love the space you’re supposed to call ‘home’ from now on with zero money? Little do you know, Mrs. New-mom is in the exact same poor place you’ve found yourself in. She’s a first time home buyer [or renter] with no money in her pocket and no idea how to make this place her homey-sanctuary for the next ‘forever.’
Luckily… we live in the Land of the FREE and Home of the if-it’s-left-on-your-front-curb-it’s-mine!
Hello, I’m Mrs. New-mom. I’m here to tell you that you can not only furnish your new place [period] but you can set up shop in a way that you love for…wait for it… free! Yes free. Here’s how I obtained my free stuff and tips to get your hands on home furnishings for NO money.
1. Dumpster Dive – You can quite literally suit up and jump in a very large trash can (please take photos if you choose this method… please!). But really… go find yourself a dumpster and jump in the waters fine! They have reality tv shows about this. Trust me. There are treasures in the trash.


This antique buffet was a curbside special!


2. Make your rounds on TRASH DAY! – here in the beautiful city of Cleveland, we have a very special day of the week. Trash Day! People leave full fledge gorgeous pieces of furniture out on their front curbs. It’s true. If your city works like this, jump in that big car of yours and drive around. I can’t tell you how many times I called my husband and told him to come home a different way, just to pass a house that I spotted an antique buffet in front of on trash day. This method also works for businesses. I have a friend that found her kitchen table in the trash of a restaurant and they just GAVE it to her. Little TLC and these gems are good as new.


Vintage sewing machine table donated by a coworker


3. It’s WHO you know – When my husband and I got married, people came to us and asked us to take furniture off their hands! If people know you’re looking, they will offer. Here are some photos of what we were given by family and friends. Again, TLC and these puppies are not only good as new but represent us now with our style and taste.Post on facebook that you will take free furniture
Tell friends and family to spread the word
Tell your coworkers – I sent an email around my school when I was a teacher and got plenty of teachers emailing me to take pieces off their hands.


Lamp had a makeover and was given [along with the couch] by family

Obviously I haven’t mentioned Craig’s List and Good Will’s (which I’ve utilized and recommend highly) but if you’re looking to not spend a penny, these are the ways that I found most successful!

If you’ve found other ways to acquire FREE furniture, please share. I’d love to hear.

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